EfB English for Business


EfB English for Business offers interactive and practical courses in general and business English (both public and in-company) to help you improve your language skills.

In-company training can be individual or in a group, with the lessons specifically adjusted to your level and industry in order to develop relevant language skills.

If you feel uncomfortable expressing yourself in English, the language can easily become a hindrance. The language then becomes the focus rather than the business at hand, maybe resulting in expectations not being met. This can easily put a dent in your self confidence and lead to frustration.

A good vocabulary and a fluent language create better opportunities for a successful business meeting.

My method can be described as follows:

Intense – all communication is in English; grammar is practiced and incorporated into typical work situations while you are building vocabulary.

Customised – the course is adjusted to meet individual needs after evaluation of your current level of English.

Efficient – I come to your company at times when it suits you so you don’t waste any time on travel.

I am also available to assist in other areas of your business such as business writing, document review, and as language support at meetings.

More than 25 years of practical experience in business and management in Australia, Hong Kong, France and Slovenia has put me in a prime position to help you.

EfB English for BusinessInterested in finding out more? If so, please write to me at efb@efb-training.se.

Lisbeth Larsson-Chaney

English for Business - Swedish