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Hi there!Lisbeth Larsson - EfB English for Business

My name is Lisbeth Larsson-Chaney. I was born in Sweden but have lived and worked overseas for many years, primarily in Australia where I spent more than 25 years. I also spent a few years working in France, Slovenia and Hong Kong.

In Australia, I was in marketing, sales, administration and business management in different industries. This has given me practical experience at different levels including business management and leadership.

I was the founder and Managing Director of IIT Training Pty Ltd, a training company specialised in IT education at a high technical level. Focus on quality training and customer service as well as sensitivity to our customers’ needs and wants made us successful despite fierce competition.

In France and Slovenia, I taught general and business English, both at language schools and in companies. It was a fantastic experience and I have very fond memories from both countries.

One of my students in France expressed his satisfaction with the course as follows:

“Lisbeth, Lisbeth …….. Lisbeth!!! How can I tell you that with simple words … (I probably cannot) … THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS, tidying up my mind was certainly not an easy task but you managed that perfectly! It was a profitable experience and not so disagreeable … thanks again for your smile and your good mood.”

Perfect grammar isn’t the most important thing but rather having the courage to speak, and knowing how to get your message across! One of my strengths is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment to encourage my students to break down the barrier. It gives me great pleasure to see when this happens!

I would love to help you improve your English – you are welcome to contact me on 0760 29 84 08 or email efb@efb-training.se for more information.

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